News - February 10, 2024

January/February Deal

January/February Deal
Here at McLay Boats Ltd we offering 10% off all parts and labour on all motor servicing for January and February.
We service all motor makes and models for all boats.
Get in quick as time is short.
If you have any of the problems listed, we can help and much more...

Starting Issues: The motor may have difficulty starting, which could be due to problems with the battery, ignition system, or fuel delivery.

Overheating: Overheating can occur due to problems with the cooling system, such as a clogged water intake or a malfunctioning water pump.

Lack of Power: If the boat's motor is not providing sufficient power, it could be due to issues with fuel delivery, the propeller, or engine compression.

Stalling or Misfiring: The motor may stall or misfire, which could be caused by problems with the ignition system, fuel system, or spark plugs.

Smoke or Unusual Odours: Smoke or unusual odours coming from the outboard could indicate issues such as oil or fuel leaks, overheating, or burning insulation.

Excessive Vibration or Noise: Excessive vibration or unusual noises could be a sign of problems with the propeller, driveshaft, motor mounts, or other components.

Fuel System Problems: Issues with the fuel system, such as clogged fuel filters, a faulty fuel pump, or contaminated fuel, can cause the motor to run poorly or not at all.

10% off all parts and labour is for January and February ONLY.

Contact Hayden to book in.
Phone: 03 417 8135 ext 4

We now do warrant of fitness’s on trailers & vehicles.
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