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Nine Tips for Buying A Boat

Nine Tips for Buying A Boat
A boat is a great investment for you and the family. It can be hundreds of hours of entertainment and fun for everyone. But when you buy a boat, it can also be a burden if you don’t get it right. Some people even say, “the best two days of my life were the day I bought a boat…and the day I sold it!” Don’t make that you!

ONE - Space
Consider the space in the boat and the amount of people you want to boat with. Also consider the sort of space you’ll need to enjoy your activity on the water. Is there room to cast a fishing line? Will grandma need to get in and out safely? Will she need a large, comfortable seat? How much space do you need to keep the kids entertained and safe.

TWO – Where will you be going?
Where will you want to spend your boating time? A trailer boat give you options. It has the flexibility to allow you to go to most boating spots around the country. If you get a boat that is very large, is your vehicle going to be suitable?

THREE – Learn all you can BEFORE you buy!
Get as much knowledge as you can from multiple sources such as boating magazines and publications, other boaters, boat dealers and even your local marina. Try getting along to a boat show, that way you can pick the brains of dozens of experts. It’s a great way to learn about boats and accessories, e.g. a mercury outboard.

FOUR - Budget
Seriously think about your budget. This is probably the primary limiting factor in your choice of boat. Before talking about finance options, make sure you have a clear grip of the additional options you want to add to your boat. Those extra can really add up. Compare it to buying a car. You can get a boat with just the very basic in accessories, but you may find the experience is sadly lacking without those extras. Understand all potential extras and the cost they incur. It’s very important to have a total price for your boat before you commit.

FIVE - Ongoing costs
Once, you own your wonderful new boat – it’s not free. There are continuous ongoing costs operation costs that will include fuel, regular maintenance, insurance and spares. Other expenses to think about include winter storage; water systems, winterizing engines, holding tanks, head tanks; and access fees your desired boating location may incur. Ask your boat dealer about the fuel efficiency of any boat you are thinking about purchasing.

SIX – Boat Maintenance
One of the biggest gripes that boat owners have is the maintenance. Water, and salt water especially, can be very tough on a boat. Things break. Usually unexpected. Make sure you get a good idea of the details and costs associated with maintaining and keeping your boat in top condition. There are daily, monthly and seasonal maintenance procedures to keep your boat always in good conditions. Not to mention the fact that you will need to clean your boat after each trip!

SEVEN – Use an Expert Friend
If you purchase a used boat, bring along a friend who has had a lot of experience with boats or even hire a boat surveyor to inspect it. Don’t be scared to tell the boat dealer or private seller that you’ll be arranging an inspection.

EIGHT - Warranties
Learn all the details about the boat warranties, extended warranties and manufacturer/dealer support. It’s vital not to skip the fine print, but rather read through it and make sure you understand each and every point. If you are unsure, ask the dealer to explain it to you. Manufacturer's warranties on new boats are can vary quite a bit in terms of length and inclusions. Look at the return experience of others and see how “real” the warranty was. Consider getting the extended warranties if available from your dealer as part of a new or used-boat deal. Tip for quality – if the warranty is long, the boat is probably a quality build.

NINE – Insurance!
Another ongoing cost, but it’s well worth thinking about boat insurance. Boat owner's insurance protects you and your family should something happen. It may be an accident, either on the water or while driving to your boating spot. It may be malfunction or a fishing rod caught in the outboard! In most cases, your home insurance policy will provide no coverage (or nearly none) for your boat. Look closely at you’re your current policy covers and consider the benefits of boat insurance.

We hope these nine tips for buying a boat were of help!
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