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Fishing Boats

New Zealand Aluminium boat design and manufacturer McLay Boats has one of the biggest range of aluminium boats, trailer boats and fishing boats. New Zealanders and now people across the globe who love their recreation all aspire to own one. If you are in the market for a quality built boat, then go no further. The staff at McLay Boats pride themselves on excellent work to produce the highest quality boats in New Zealand at a reasonable price. The staff are consistently improving designs to give your boat better features and improve quality. If you love fishing or recreation, then check out our range - or better yet ask someone who already owns a McLay, and they will how satisfied they are with the quality of their aluminium boat.

If you want quality and a boat that will last for many, many years, call us and see why a boat from us will serve you well!

Aluminium Boats

The key to McLays' success in the field of aluminium boats has been world-class design and engineering, focusing on what the serious fishing and recreational boat owner wants; quality, functionality and value for money. All backed by a professional group of dealers and a five-year warranty.

Our boats are known around the world for their quality design and construction. We don't skimp on the thickness of the aluminium alloy or on the structure, all while providing a reasonably priced boat. We have many quality checks in place to ensure the highest quality.

Our staff use our boats. We try all the designs out personally to ensure that the theory matches the experience. We spend a lot of time getting our boat designs just right and well suited to New Zealand conditions. Ideal for recreation and fishing.

Trade-A-Boat reviewed one of our boats and said, "The McLay boat was totally abused on the water for our boat review. To be quite frank, it has a bloody good ride to it. A good boat and an impressive build quality – comprising 5 mm plate bottom with a very strong double keel system, 3 mm sides and tops – a number of separately sealed buoyancy chambers built into the hull for added safety, and some very impressive craftsmanship and finishing throughout"

Learn more about the McLay Boats advantage.

Mercury Outboards

Mercury outboard engines are lightweight and pack a lot of punch in a small design. Repowering your boat with a new Mercury outboard can give you great hole shot, faster acceleration, higher top speed, or, in many cases, all three. Mercury Outboards provides the strength and the smarts thanks to tech such as SmartCraft, which includes a full series of gauges, sensors and computer-controlled features in one outboard. Mercury has been engineering reliable, easy-to-maintain outboard motors for over 80 years. The less often maintenance is needed mean less time on maintenance and more time in your boat. When it’s time for a routine maintenance, give us a call to find out about booking it in. Mercury Outboards are engineered to save you money on fuel with technology such as Advanced Range Optimization (ARO), which uses electronic sensors to precisely adjust the fuel mixture for the optimal efficiency at all speeds. You won’t notice it working, but you’ll notice the lower fuel bill.

We are Mercury outboard dealers, which means we fit new Mercury Outboard motors on any of the boats we sell. Not only that, we are also service agents for Mercury Outboards motors which we can service in our head office in Milton. If you live outside Milton, please call for details.

Call for details to get your boat repowered with a Mercury Outboard.



Sportsman 521 The Ideal Fishing Boat
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Sportsman 521 The Ideal Fishing Boat

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Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show
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Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show

It's that time of year again! The guys here at McLay Boats have started setting up for The Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show, which is on this week. Running from Thursday the 16th to Sunday the 19th …
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Wanaka A&P Show - Boat Show
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Wanaka A&P Show - Boat Show

Last Week's Wanaka A&P show was a huge success, with reportedly over 40,000 people attending. We had our boats setup on display and were well received by the public. Large numbers of punters were …
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The exciting Sportsman series has most of the usual McLay features, offering large cockpits and great off shore handling abilities at very realistic prices.
This series has been McLay's biggest seller for some years and now has new features and more options for 2023 and also a brand new model called 651 Sportsman Hardtop.
These boats can be spec'd up to suit most boating needs, whether it's family fun or fishing and diving.
Since the introduction of the CrossXover range, they have quickly become one of our biggest sellers. . A range of boats that retain great looks with pontoon safety by incorporation hundreds of litres of closed cell foam under the gunnels from the transom to the anchor bay, as well as having underfloor buoyancy. Loaded with new features and options, this is a range of boats that is ideal for family, fishing, diving and towing water toys.
The Fortress range of boats are available in tiller steer, side console or centre console and are available in sizes from 4.4 to 5.5 metres.

Since the release of these boats they have instantly gained a reputation of being a very strong, great handling soft riding boat that is also very stable at rest. They are now our top selling export model range, selling like hot cakes in Australia as well as good sales to Europe and proving very popular with many other countries in the Pacific.

With lots of great standard features including extensive fitting of closed cell foam in addition to the air buoyancy to meet both Australian and CE standards which makes them virtually unsinkable for peace of mind. All designed for enjoyable boating and fishing trips. All this equates to a great fishing and recreational boat that makes it one of the best open boats around. Larger sizes are available on request.
When you want the ultimate boat for those extended fishing and family trips you don't have to look further than the McLay Cruiser Hardtop range.

Built super tough to handle rough water while you stay warm and dry.

All these models are very spacious and have lots of great features not seen on other boats and have an extensive list of options available to suit your boating needs.
A new chapter in Amphibious Boats is about to begin. The McLay 741 Hardtop amphibious boat that is like no other. Using the Tectrax amphibious electric all wheel drive system makes operating very quiet and easy to operate. Probably a world first in how the wheels deploy and retract which gives the great looks of a conventional McLay Hardtop while on the water. Standard drum anchoring is achieved without any danger of getting the rope getting caught around the front wheel and with the rear wheels retracted into the custom transom it also eliminates getting fishing lines getting tangled around the rear wheels.
The dedicated manufacturing team at McLay Boats are all keen boaties themselves, so they take pride in ensuring their product is the best and fits your custom needs.

The McLay team listen to what their customers & dealers have to say, incorporating their suggestions into the design & manufacturing process. This is the reason we now do a lot of custom builds for New Zealand and overseas markets. We are able to provide 3D design concepts before we custom build your boat to your requirements.

McLay Boats are now manufacturing trailer boats up to 11 metres long by 3.1 metres wide. So whatever your requirement is for a high quality aluminium boat, we can build it. We are able to build to C.E. Certification, Australian 2C Survey and New Zealand Surveying requirements.

Personalise your McLay Boat with your own custom graphics.
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